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Email us or call (904) 808-7368

It is our pleasure to help you find your home away from home. We pride ouselves in providing safe, clean, comfortable living accomodations. We treat our student tenants with respect and expect the same in return for the care and behavior of our owner's properties. Here you will find everything to help you along the way during your stay with us.




All occupants need to complete a rental application. Most students will require a parent (guarantor) for financial support.




Rent payments are accepted monthly by one payment source, no matter how many occupants. How/who makes payments and division of financial responsibilty is up to tenants. We do not differentiate who owes more or less. We do not accept partial or half-rent payments. Payments can easily be made by check, money order, or online using credit/debit card or checking information. Security Deposit will be returned in the same ratio it is received, unless otherwise instructed so by all tenants in writing.



This may be your first time away from home. As you are 18+ years of age, the government and our company view you as an adult and will respectfully treat you as such. As the tenant, all communication about the property, such as maintenance items, need to come directly from you, not your guarantor. You will be responsible for all actions during your tenancy. 


If you have a roommate(s), then you have a shared lease. Simply stated, you are equals in the tenancy rights, financial responsibilities and proper behavior in and around the property. All decisions concerning your lease and terms need to be agreed to by all roommates.


If you came here to party, you are in the wrong place. Disruptive, destructive and derelict behavior will not be tolerated. Everyone likes to have a good time. Don't let the good time get out of hand.


Flagler College has a mechanism in place to handle misconduct by their students residing off campus. Any misconduct including underage drinking and/or drug parties, off-hours noise, discarding of trash (mounds of cigarette butts included), and general disregard for property, neighbors, and/or fellow occupants can and will be reported to Dean of Student Services, Flagler College.


Should a case of extremely bad conduct be encountered, observed, or heard, a call will be made to the St. Augustine Police Department or St. Johns County Sheriff office first, having them take control of the situation, including recording the incident. 



KnowysMoms:  Advice for parents (WATCH VIDEO)



  • Be aware of parking. Only park your registered (or guests) car in designated areas, assigned spots, garages, etc. Illegally parked cars may be towed at car owner's expense.

  • Follow the grill rules set by properties or community associations.  Fire codes restrict use of any open flame on balcony or porches of apartment, condos, townhouses.

  • Flushable wipes... DO NOT DISPOSE OF IN TOILET.  You will be responsible for plumbing charges. WATCH VIDEO

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